Maiko Takeuchi

Maiko Takeuchi

RSEA Alum (AM 2007)
Government of Japan
United Nations
Maiko Takeuchi photo

I am now working as a member of the Panel of Experts to monitor implementation of UN Security Council sanctions on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), with another seven members from like-minded countries including China and the Republic of Korea.

I started my career in 2001, as a civilian policy planning officer at the Ministry of Defense, right after I graduated from the University of Tokyo, faculty of law. I studied IR in the RSEA program from 2005 to 2007, on a scholarship for junior government officials. After that I experienced several positions in the Government of Japan, including non-proliferation and strategic export control officer at the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry and civilian defense attaché at the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

I believe the network and knowledge acquired in RSEA have been helping my career development very much. I still enjoy deep discussion with my RSEA classmates who are now in key positions in Governments. My knowledge on the international relations in East Asia, Korean and Chinese language skill, and critical thinking which I developed in the program were vital tools to accomplish my mission as a Japanese diplomat in Seoul, and my current position tackling the DPRK’s WMD development in the United Nations. Moreover, I cultivated my attitude to actively interact with people, through the encouragement of Professors and RSEA classmates...a shy student sitting in the back of the classroom became one of the most active students, even in the Kennedy School negotiation class after one year!

I am very impressed at the effort of the faculty members and staff to support students and even alumni under your leadership. This close interaction is one of the great strengths of the program.