G2+ Students

Xu "Gabby" Chen

Dartmouth College, B.A., East Asian Studies, 2014

Contemporary Japan & China: Consumption, material culture, fashion, gender, beauty and identity.

Yasmine Sae Krings

University of Chicago, B.A., East Asian Languages/Japanese, 2014

Japan: postcolonialism, gender and sexuality, race and critical theory, modern Japanese literature, abjection, violence, psychoanalysis.

Yung Hian Ng

Yonsei University, B.A., International Studies, 2015

Korea: modern history, particularly late 19th to 20th century; Japanese colonialism; Zainichi Koreans; History and Memory.

Ria Roy

Waseda University, B.A., International Liberal Arts, 2013

Korea/Japan: political theory, aesthetics and literature.