Esse Yao Chen

Esse Yao Chen

Tsinghua University, B.A. English, 2018.

China/Japan: Economic Sociology; Aging Societies; Political Economy; Social Networks; Modern Social and Visual History.

Sejan Choi

Ewha Women’s University, B.A. Political Science, 2011

Korea/regional: Foreign affairs, inter-Korean relations, regional security and disarmament.


James Evans

Oxford University, B.A. Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, 2012

China: Modern Chinese History and Government, China’s Foreign Policy, the Global Impact of Maoism, Global History in the Cold War.


Amy Grantham

University of Melbourne, B.A. Asian Studies, 2017

Korea: Soft power diplomacy; 21st-century strategic engagement; North-South relations; media industries, their development, and their impact upon/reflection of domestic and international societies.


Kwan Woo Hahn

Yonsei University, B.A. International Studies, 2018

China/Korea: Relational History during the late 1800s, Relation between China Communist Party and Korea Worker's Party, Sino-Korean relations in the 20th century.  

Gene Kim

Yale University, B.A. History, 2013; Yonsei University M.A. International Cooperation, 2018

Japan/Korea/regional: Postwar Japanese history; Japan-Korea relations; US in East Asia; global/transnational history.

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Juwon Kim

Columbia University, B.A. East Asian Studies, 2016

Korea/China: Sociocultural history; postwar reconstruction as reflected and represented in film and literature.


Hyejoo Lee

Yonsei University, B.A. Comparative Literature & Culture, 2018

Korea: Film and media studies; race, gender, and the transnational in contemporary South Korean cinema and visual culture.


Ruofan Ma

Peking University, B.L. Government, 2018

China: Contentious politics (social movements and counter-movements; revolution; democratization).


Xiaoyi Peng

Boston University, B.A. History of Art and Architecture, 2018

Japan: Modern Japanese art, architecture, and history; Japan's National Industrial Exhibitions in the Meiji era; regionalism in modern and contemporary Japanese architecture.


Chenyu Qu

Tsinghua University, B.A. Chinese Literature, 2018

China: modern and contemporary Chinese literary thought; intersection between oral and written literature; writing and technology; media theory and practice.

Jie Shen

Wuhan University, B.A. Archaeology, 2018

China: Chinese archaeology; bone-tool making technology in ancient China; application of 3D scanning practices in archaeological analysis, and experimental archaeology of pottery decoration techniques.  ... Read more about Jie Shen