Student Resources

Current RSEA Students should refer to the RSEA Guide for comprehensive information.

The GSAS Policies govern all students in the RSEA Program. Students are responsible for reading and adhering to all GSAS Policies. Please visit the GSAS Resources page for information.

See the FAS Registrar's website for the official GSAS/FAS academic calendar.

RSEA Language Requirement Form  Required of all students to state how you intend to fulfill the language requirement. Due in the RSEA office by October 1st.

RSEA One-Year Degree Form For students intending to graduate in one-year for a May, this form must be submitted by September 15. For students intending to graduate in one-and-a-half years with a November graduation, this form must be submitted by February 1st.

RSEA Petition for Non-East Asian Course This template may be used to petition the RSEA Committee to allow a non-East Asian course to be used to fulfill a RSEA East Asia course requirement. This is not an automatic process and this petition may be denied. The deadline to submit this petition to the RSEA office is the last day of the semester in which the course is taken.

GSAS Degree Application This application to receive a degree must be completed online by all students preparing to graduate at by the deadline. Please check the FAS Registrar's website for final deadlines and read all the instructions carefully.

For other resources see Harvard Links or contact the RSEA Program Office at