Harvard Employment Opportunities and Career Services

Resident and Non-Resident Advising:

On occasion there are openings for advisors, resident or non-resident, in the various undergraduate Houses; the competition for these positions is usually intense, but RSEA students interested in pursuing such possibilities are encouraged to approach the Houses directly.  RSEA students have occasionally had positions as resident advisors in the freshman dorms in Harvard Yard or, more commonly, in the graduate dorms. GSAS annually sends out information about these positions.

Research Assistantships:

East Asia faculty sometimes offer students employment as Research Assistants (RAs) for projects which may or may not require specialized East Asian knowledge and vary in duration and weekly hours. 

Student Employment Office:

The Student Employment Office (SEO) has listings of a wide variety of both on- and off-campus jobs, and students can also register their qualifications and availability on the SEO's website https://seo.harvard.edu/.  The SEO maintains listings for both term-time and summer employment.

Teaching Fellowships:

RSEA students are not eligible for teaching appointments. 


US citizens may be eligible for work-study which is a federally funded employment program administered by the University.  Students who do not qualify for financial aid may still be eligible for work-study; eligibility is determined in consultation with the RSEA-assigned Financial Aid Officer.  Many campus jobs give priority to work-study eligible applicants and positions are often listed at the SEO.

Other Employers:

Many students have found part-time employment at the Harvard-Yenching Library, the Fairbank Center, the Asia Center, and other center offices, both on a regular basis and for special events.  Students should approach these offices directly.  Off- campus employment for international students should be cleared through the Harvard International Office (http://hio.harvard.edu/).

Office of Career Services (OCS)

The Office of Career Services, located at 54 Dunster Street, helps students to find employment in their field of interest. The staff advise specifically on public- and private-sector employment. The OCS offers individual, confidential job-counseling advice including guidance on exploring career options; assistance with writing résumés, CVs, and cover letters; guidance on networking with alumni and other professionals; help with interview preparation and negotiations; advice on applying to Ph.D. and other graduate programs, and more. All GSAS students receive “The Week Ahead @ GSAS” email newsletter, published weekly during the academic year, which includes announcements of OCS programs and job search tips. Students can also elect to receive emails focused on targeted career sectors such as government and non-profits, education, and technology. Check out Crimson Careers for job and internship opportunities for Harvard students, to schedule an advising appointment, and to register for career workshops and programs. The OCS website has information about upcoming workshops and career fairs, career research and job search resources, and career-related online platforms. Laura Stark is the Director of Graduate Career Services lstark@fas.harvard.edu.