Ryuichi Abe

Ryuichi Abe

EALC: Reischauer Institute Professor of Japanese Religions

Research Interests:  Buddhism and Japanese history, literature and culture.

2 Divinity Avenue, Room 130B
p: (617) 495-4305
William P. Alford

William P. Alford

Law School: Director, East Asian Legal Studies
Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law

Research interests: Chinese law and legal history; legal aspects of international trade and technology transfer.

Austin Hall, Room 309
p: (617) 495-4693
Peter K Bol

Peter K Bol

EALC: Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
On leave 2018-19

Research Interests: the history of China’s cultural elites at the national and local levels from the 7th to the 17th...

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2 Divinity Ave. #221
p: (617) 495-8361
Mary C. Brinton

Mary C. Brinton

Dept of Sociology: Reischauer Institute Professor of Sociology
Director, Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies

Research interests: gender stratification, labor market organization, education, economic sociology, and Japanese society.

William James Hall, Room 580
p: (617) 495-5821
Paul Y. Chang

Paul Y. Chang

Dept. of Sociology: Associate Professor of Sociology

Research Interests: South Korean social and political change. Social movements, family, Korean studies.

608 William James Hall, 33 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: (617)-495-8769
Edwin Cranston

Edwin Cranston

EALC: Professor of Japanese Literature

Research Interests: Japanese literature and poetry. China Biographical Database Project

2 Divinity Ave. #232
p: (617) 495-8362
Nara Dillon

Nara Dillon

EALC: Senior Lecturer on Government

Research Interests: globalization, social policy, povery; politics of welfare, charity, and health care in China and the developing world.

2 Divinity Ave. #230
p: (617) 495-8366
Carter Eckert

Carter Eckert

EALC: Yoon Se Young Professor of Korean History
Director of the Korea Institute

Research Interests: rise of Korean militarism, and its impact on South Korean state and society under Park Chung Hee; changes and continuities...

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2 Divinity Ave. #226B
p: (617) 495-8811
Mark C. Elliot

Mark C. Elliot

EALC: Mark Schwartz Professor of Chinese and Inner Asian History
Vice Provost for International Affairs
Acting Chair (Fall 2018), Committee on Inner Asian and Altaic Studies

On leave Spring 2019

Research interests: Social, political and institutional history of China and Inner Asia

2 Divinity Ave. #134A
Rowan K. Flad

Rowan K. Flad

Dept. of Anthropology: John E. Hudson Professor of Archaeology

Research interests: Chinese archaeology; emergence and persistence of complex societies in the Sichuan Basin; specialization; zoo...

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Peabody Museum, Room 57G
11 Divinity Ave
p: (617) 495-1966