Academic Requirements

The Regional Studies - East Asia (RSEA) master's program is designed to be flexible, and to allow students the opportunity to pursue their own particular East Asia-related interests, whether wide-ranging or relatively focused, within the guidelines of the RSEA requirements.

To receive the A.M. in Regional Studies—East Asia, a student must satisfy the common requirements established by GSAS for all master's degree candidates as well as those additionally determined by the RSEA Committee.

  1. Residence: RSEA is designed to be a two-year program. Students register and pay tuition as a full-time student for two academic years (or for at least one year, the minimum GSAS requirement).
  2. Courses: Ordinarily, students must satisfactorily complete 16 courses (4 credits each) of instruction, of which at least eight courses must satisfy the RSEA course requirements for graduation, as defined by the Committee.
  3. Language: Students must achieve proficiency in an East Asian language at least to the level of a completed third-year Harvard language course or the equivalent.
  4. Thesis: Students must also submit an approved thesis that meets the RSEA Committee’s standards for a master’s thesis.


Current students should refer to the RSEA Student Guide for additional details and specific policies.