Academic Requirements

The Regional Studies - East Asia (RSEA) program is designed to be flexible, and to allow students the opportunity to pursue their own particular East Asia-related interests, whether wide-ranging or relatively focused, within the guidelines of the RSEA requirements.

To receive the A.M. in Regional Studies—East Asia, a student must satisfy the requirements established by GSAS for all master's degree candidates as well as those additionally determined by the RSEA Committee.

  1. Residence: RSEA is designed to be a two-year program. Students register and pay tuition as a full-time student for two academic years (or for at least one year, the minimum GSAS requirement).
  2. Courses: Ordinarily, students must satisfactorily complete 16 courses (4 credits each) of instruction, of which at least eight courses must satisfy the RSEA course requirements, as defined by the Committee.
  3. Language: Students must achieve proficiency in an East Asian language at least to the level of a completed third-year Harvard language course or the equivalent.
  4. Thesis: Students must also submit an approved thesis that meets the RSEA Committee’s standards for a master’s thesis.


Current students should refer to the RSEA Student Guide for additional details and specific policies.