The RSEA program ordinarily entails two full academic years in residence.  The minimum GSAS requirement for A.M. candidates is one year of full-time residence at the full tuition rate.  During the year of full-time residence, students must follow an RSEA-approved plan of study, consisting of at least eight half-courses which satisfy the basic RSEA course requirements (as defined below); pay the required tuition costs; and make satisfactory academic progress by maintaining at least the minimum grade average, a “B” average, in each of the two years of study.

 After the first year of residence, some RSEA students may choose — with the prior approval of their faculty academic adviser and the RSEA Committee — to spend time away from campus as a Traveling Scholar to do primary research for their thesis or to study language.  Please see the GSAS website for more details and the required form. 

 Please note that Massachusetts Law requires medical insurance coverage for all Massachusetts residents, including students, and Traveling Scholars.  All registered students are charged for health insurance each semester unless they submit a waiver request.