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Student Guide 2019-2020

Regional Studies—East Asia (RSEA) has had a long history among East Asian Studies Master's programs in the United States. Today, RSEA remains a competitive program that provides advanced preparation for specialization in the languages and societies of East Asia, both for future doctoral candidates and for those preparing for professional careers.

The diversity of the career paths of our alumni is in keeping with the variety of academic interests of RSEA students. About a third of our degree recipients have gone on to pursue higher degrees in academia, and many established scholars of East Asia Studies at leading universities around the world were first trained in RSEA. Many of our alumni work in government or international agencies, business or finance, journalism, museum curation, secondary education, and in various nonprofit or private sector roles in North America, East Asia, Europe, and other regions.    

This Guide provides important academic guidelines, along with practical information, to help make students’ experience of the program productive and enjoyable.

With warm welcome!

James Robson, Chair

Alexander Zahlten, Director of Graduate Studies