2018 RSEA Alumni Panel

October 11, 2018
2018 RSEA Alumni Panel

RSEA alumni, students, and faculty gathered on October 5th for an evening of reflection and reconnection.

Panelists Carroll Bogert ('86), Karl Eikenberry ('81), H. Mack Horton ('81) and Richard Palmer ('88) shared stories and advice from their experiences in and beyond RSEA as they pursued their distinguished careers in different fields.

Common themes included an appreciation for the broadening and nurturing experience provided by the RSEA program, the importance of maintaining connections with faculty and peers, and the need to balance passion with realism, and intentionality with flexibility when considering career opportunities.

Panelists' bios are included in the 2018 RSEA Alumni Panel event program.

The RSEA Distinguished Alumni Panel is an annual event sponored by the GSAS Gochman Dean's Fund for Innovation and Development.

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