Just published: "One Belt One Road" by RSEA alum Eyck Freymann

November 30, 2020

Congratulations to Eyck Freymann (AM '18) on the publication of his first book, ONE BELT ONE ROAD: CHINESE POWER MEETS THE WORLD.  In writing to announce the November 17, 2020 release by Harvard University Press, Freymann describes his book and hopes other RSEA alumni will help to promote it.   

"Xi Jinping, China’s strongman leader, is an aspiring emperor leading a campaign for national rejuvenation and world domination. Xi’s plan, called “One Belt One Road” (OBOR), masquerades as an infrastructure program, but it’s really a bid to restore a model of world order from centuries past, when China was the most powerful country on earth and foreign emissaries traveled to Beijing to pay tribute." 

"With on-the-ground case studies, interviews with senior officials, and documents in five languages, the book reveals Xi’s ambition for imperial rejuvenation and investigates China’s playbook for buying off willing partners around the world. OBOR is a sobering challenge, but it’s not too late for America to compete if we recognize the challenge and get back in the game. That’s why this is the book Xi Jinping doesn’t want you to read."

"Book promotion is always hard for new authors. COVID-19 makes it even harder. That’s why I need your help spreading the word. If you feel called to go above and beyond, I’d be grateful if you’d consider posting about it on social media, asking your local bookstore or library to stock it, tuning into upcoming book talks at Oxford, Cambridge, and the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, or ordering a copy. You can learn more about the book in this Economist special report and spin-off essays in The AtlanticForeign Affairs and Foreign Policy. Publicity queries can be sent to Betsy DeJesu, betsy@shrevewilliams.com.