Graduation congratulations to RSEA alumni with new PhDs from Harvard EALC

June 25, 2020

Four of the six May 2020 graduates of Harvard's Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations were alumni of the RSEA program. Please join us in congratulating these scholars on achieving their doctoral degree: 

Jingyu Liu (AM'13) completed her dissertation on religion, "The Unimpeded Passage: The Making of Universal Salvation Rites and Buddho-Daoist Interactions in Medieval China." Jingyu will be a visiting Fellow at Harvard EALC.

Ted Hui (AM'14) completed his dissertation on Chinese literature, "Writing Empire: Culture, Politics, and the Representation Of Cultural Others in the Mongol-Yuan Dynasty". Ted begins a postdoc position at the University of Oxford.

Xiaoxuan Li (AM'14) successfully defended her dissertation on Chinese literature, titled "The Fallible Body in Early Medieval China," and advised by Prof. Xiaofei Tian.

Huijun Mai (AM'14) completed her dissertation on Chinese literature, "Thinking Things: Mediated Materiality in Song (760-1279) Literary Culture". Huijun will be Assistant Professor of Medieval Chinese Studies at UCLA.