RSEA students establish HGWISSH, a new GSAS group for women in social sciences and humanities

March 19, 2019

Amy Grantham and Yihao Niu, both their first year of the RSEA AM program, are excited to announce the new graduate student group they have set up, named HGWISSH. 

Harvard GSAS Women in Social Sciences and Humanities (HGWISSH) is a graduate student group in GSAS dedicated to the personal, academic, and professional development of women in social sciences and humanities. Through the provision of various social, mentoring, and professional development opportunities, HGWISSH seeks to enrich the graduate experience of women studying across the full spectrum of humanities and social science disciplines, while fostering community relations in GSAS.

Membership is open to all GSAS students, regardless of gender identification or area of study, but the group's primary focus is women studying in the disciplines of social sciences and humanities.

Grantham writes, "As we're still in the early days of development we're going to start by running social-minded events this semester, and as our numbers grow we hope to expand our scope to include a broader range of activities in the future. We are very, very excited about it all, and can't wait to see how HGWISSH grows and develops."

The new group held it's first event on March 14, with an information session followed by a screening of Mean Girls.

To learn more about HGWISSH and how to get involved: