Lee, Jihwan

Jihwan Lee

Seoul National University, M.A. Intellectual Property Law, 2014. Amherst College, B.A. History, 2012.

China: Energy policy; air pollution; climate change negotiations; environment law and policy in East Asia; legal and diplomatic facets in Korea-China relations.

Wei Li

Chinese University of Hong Kong, B.A., Contemporary China Studies, 2017.

China: Buddho-Daoist interaction; universalization of Buddhist and Daoist rites and pantheon; water-land retreat; religious art. 

Logan, Laura

Laura Logan

University of Virginia, B.S. Commerce and East Asian Studies, 2019.

Japan and Korea: U.S.-Japan-Korea Relations, Amerasian and Multiethnic Families and Identities, Cultural Exchange, Memory and Nostalgia.

Ruofan Ma

Peking University, B.L. Government, 2018

China: Contentious politics (social movements and counter-movements; revolution; democratization).

Naito, Masaki

Masaki Naito

King's College London, B.A. International Politics, 2017.

Japan: Japan-U.S. Alliance; civil society in Japan; Japan's foreign policy and domestic politics.
Nicholas, Bridget

Bridget Nicholas

University of Kentucky, B.A. Chinese Studies and International Studies, 2018.

China/transregional: Soft power; preservation of cultural heritage; propaganda; civil society; ethnic minorities and the state; relations with Central Asia.
Ouyang, B

Boya Ouyang

University of Washington, B.A. English: Creative Writing, Mathematics, and Philosophy, 2018.

China: State-society interplay; policymaking/lawmaking and socio-economic development; material culture and popular culture; collective memory and identity; social stratification; gender studies.
Park, Brian

Brian Park

University of California Santa Barbara Extension, B.A. Global Studies, 2018.

Korea: Modern Korean history, Korean diaspora, ethnic identity.

Xiaoyi Peng

Boston University, B.A. History of Art and Architecture, 2018

Japan: Modern Japanese art, architecture, and history; Japan's National Industrial Exhibitions in the Meiji era; regionalism in modern and contemporary Japanese architecture.

Robinson, Quade

Quade Robinson

University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill, B.A. Asian Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, 2018.

Japan/China: modern literature, transnational literature and cultural exchange, disasters and trauma.

Jie Shen

Wuhan University, B.A. Archaeology, 2018

China: Chinese archaeology; bone-tool making technology in ancient China; application of 3D scanning practices in archaeological analysis, and experimental archaeology of pottery decoration techniques.  ... Read more about Jie Shen